Is it a school or is it a prison? You decide

The period after World War II brought the world both unprecedented population growth and an excuse for devotees of Le Corbusier to inflict Brutalist architecture on the world. Let’s just say we’re not fans of this aesthetic, especially when it comes to educating and socializing children. So many school buildings in current use resemble prisons that we thought we’d establish this website to highlight the tragedy. If you smiled at the name of this site, you probably see what we see.

If you’ve never thought about the subject before, please take our School Or Prison Challenge and see how surprised you are. If you’re a school board member and you’re considering building a new building, do show this site to any architectural firm you’re thinking about hiring before you hire them…at least to show them what not to build.

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Picture 1: School or Prison?

School or Prison? Item 1

Picture 2: School or Prison?

Schoo or Prison? Item 2

Picture 3: School or Prison?

School or Prison: Item 3

Item 4: School or Prison?

School or Prison: Item 4




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